Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Smile, it’s easier than explaining why you’re sad.

I was wandering around today trying to get lost.
It’s easy to do when you don’t know where you’re going.
Still, I found myself on familiar streets and no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get lost.

Dying seems less sad than having lived too little.

I sat in the park for hours tying to clear my mind of all thoughts.
I felt like I wanted to cry from the bottom of my soul, but the tears wouldn’t come. Leaving my clothes carefully folded for the benefit of the police investigators,
I swam out to the middle of the lake, but the waves pushed me back to shore before I felt the least bit lost. I failed to get lost despite thinking very long and hard about the whole subject of getting lost.

Rollercoaster Ride...That’s how to explain my life.

I saw some young men with short hair, dead eyes, and angry faces under a bridge, that chased a long-haired man and beat him. When I tried to help him they told me to get lost or else. I thought they looked more lost than most.

It’s not the opportunities given, it’s the chances taken.

I found a police officer and told them about the long-haired man but they just laughed and told me to mind my own business and get lost.
I stood on the edge of a high building but nothing happened for a long time. I looked down at those looking up and eventually I got tired, came down and the crowd got bored then went away.

For all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these...
It might have been.
I meditated cross-legged, stood on my head, tried yoga positions, fell over, fell asleep, but still I could not lose myself no matter what I did. Perhaps the secret was not to try to get lost but rather to let go of my desire to do so.

Death may be the purpose of life. But what is the Meaning of Life? Those three words used in conjunction compose what is quite possibly the most annoying phrase known to man. The meaning of life, is simply, what you make it out to be. What do you want your life to mean when that inevitable day comes, and you die. No one will tell me, "Well, MsPsycho I want my life to mean nothing. I want to die alone as a bum under a bridge, having done nothing with my life." ... okay, someone somewhere may say that, but truthfully, no.

It’s the soul afraid of dieing that never learns to live.

The Purpose of life is to die. But not just to die, to die knowing that something came of the years spent on this world. To die without that... is to have lived without purpose.

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