Thursday, March 22, 2007


Depression is a serious disease. It is not anyone's fault, and if you are depressed, you are not weak, lazy, stupid, undisciplined, forgetful, or any of the other things that voice in your head is saying you are. You’re just someone who is having a hard time dealing with things at the moment. The good news is that you can and will recover.

Sadness is a normal part of our lives. Often, we feel sad because of stressful things that happen to us (the death of a loved one, the breakup of a relationship, serious illness, the loss of a job). Depression is sadness that is much more intense than, or lasts much longer than, the ordinary sadness we might expect to feel under the specific circumstances. Also, while we may feel depressed as a reaction to a specific, stressful event in our lives, we can also be depressed even though no "major" stressful event has happened.

One key difference between depression and ordinary sadness is that depression often impairs our ability to function. Depression results from chemical action in the brain, which is why anti-depressant medications can help treat it.
Someone who suffers from depression is said to be "clinically depressed," or to have a "unipolar disorder." Note that a depressed person may not be depressed all the time, but may simply be depressed at certain times. Some people even have depression that alternates with extreme "up" moods: they are said to have a "bipolar disorder," or be "manic-depressive." Even people with a bi-polar disorder may be depressed enough to be suicidal when they are having a depressive episode.

Depression may have a number of causes including:
...the effects of some medications
...alcohol or drug abuse
...certain diseases

Because of this, it is usually a good idea for someone who suffers from depression to see a doctor to make sure that the depression does not have a medical cause.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

My Love

Warning 18 and over only please!!!

My Love…

His erect penis swayed from side to side as he began to move his 6 foot 3 inch body through the bathroom door frame. He stopped a few feet in front of me and stretched his legs, opening them slightly displaying the firm muscle tone of his upper thighs. My eyes stared without blinking at his finely chiseled physique, his well trimmed dark brown hair and moustache, his gorgeous blue green eyes that matched so closely to my own. I wanted to touch his lips and feel them on mine.

My heart was beating quickly as I stepped to him and felt the pulsating, quivering of his lips as they met mine. He took me in his arms, holding me tightly as if to say there will never be another person in the world that could ever replace me. He removed my robe and allowed it to fall softly to the floor. Taking me in his arms, he carries me to our bed where we have made love a thousand times before.

"You're so beautiful," he whispered to me as he lightly brushed his lips against mine.
"I love you," I spoke back to him between kisses. He lays me gently on the bed as our tongues explored each others mouths. I work my fingers down over his chest, half tickling a trail down to his inner thighs. He was soft and full as I fondled and caressed him in my hand.

He buried his face into firm D size breast and then began taking turns licking each nipple. He ran his hand over my thigh causing my vulva to pulse rapidly. I closed my eyes in anticipation of his touch. My legs fell wide as his strong muscular hands covered my entire opening. My body shivered as one of his fingers parted, and then penetrated deep inside my walls. He growls as I writhe with pleasure.

He pushed his fingers deeper into the slippery opening and stroked firmly and rhythmically. As he used his soft, wet, exploring tongue, a jolt ran up my spine like bullets, riveting me for a moment. I arched my back as the wave of electricity spread out from my backbone in every direction. He pulled his fingers out, licking the cum from his fingers as he motioned for me to get on top.

He slid underneath me, as I straddled his wide honey color hips. I gently slid in the head of his cock, letting it touch every ridge inside my walls as it made its way to my bottom wall. I let the huge head of his cock slide back and forth, caressing the bottom of my cunt. My breasts swelled and the nipples grew hard in his hands. I placed my hands on his chest, feeling his strong muscle tone I began moving up and down. With the rhythm of mutual passion, and inability to stay quiet, our bodies began to move together.

"You're incredible, I want to stay inside you forever", he moaned as I began to increase the rhythm of my motion. I was at his complete mercy as stabs of pleasure sent to my own world of total ecstasy. He sensed me tensing up and knew I was ready to cum. He began letting out whimpering cry's as I tightened around him with strong, squeezing contractions. I felt the swift spasms of his orgasm shooting hot fluid and filling my body. When the convulsions subsided, the smell of our love filled the air between us. He wetly kissed my ear, neck and then lingered at my lips, while I sat on top of him.
Our love was forever.