Monday, January 21, 2008

Stalking Coplounge


Just as I figured I wouldn’t be getting an apology. My friend told me she talked to, bored out of her mind apparently, Officer D again, because she didn’t believe it was my friend when she sent them a message, again Officer D believes it was me. Okay get over it and move on. I came to Coplounge in the beginning, years ago. You got to meet one of my personalities, that person hasn’t been back in years. Then you met Perdure, who was apparently normal enough that everyone on Coplounge got along with her for a year. Perdure never once caused a ‘problem’ on your board. And don’t you remember it was I who ended that relationship. Since then I have not returned to your board as Mjones or anyone else. Your board is not so interesting that I feel the need to stalk you and see what you are saying at every moment.
But just for’s a poem about stalking...enjoy!!! Hehe


Satisfy A Need

Stalking, creeping, peeping around in dark corners.
Am I there? Do you see me? I see you.
Watching, waiting, debating.
Just one more cigarette
I have no other place to be.

I’m so quiet you can hear the moonlight sigh.
I see you everyday as you come and go by.
You can not hide.
You’ll never have peace.
Do I make your skin crawl?
Do you feel sick?

I’m patient, silently waiting.
Am I here or there?
Do you see me everywhere?
Outside with the wind blowing through your hair,
Look around, you might see me standing there.

Am I creepy, a little touched?
Maybe it’s just all in your head.
Footsteps from behind,
No where to run,
No place to hide.

Who was really on the phone?
Am I out front
Or coming up from behind?
Hard to spot,
You might not get off a shot.

Later today I will email you as somebody you don’t know.
Do you feel fear washing over you?
Goosebumps up and down your spine.
For today the hunt will be done,
But there is always tomorrow.

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