Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Put on your seatbelt… I wanna try something.

Why is it when you give a different opinion that a majority of people disagree with, they want to immediately jump down your throat and start calling you names? As if you are completely stupid or something. Why can’t a person have a different view of a situation?

The invention of the wheel was square at first, until another person saw it as needing to be round.

You don’t always have to do a double tap to the center of the chest to bring someone down. (If they are pointing a gun at you, then have at it...toy for toy.) So many officers that I have observed, have the attitude of, ‘He/she done pissed me off, now I have the right to shoot and kill them.”

Tasers may be necessary in some situations...like someone coming at you with a knife. I would rather that person be tased than to have them shot. I have read articles about a 6 year old being tased, or a 70 year old women. Not necessary!!! I’m a big enough of a person that if a 6 year old had a weapon, I could take it away from them without the use of a taser. Police officers should be able to do the same.

Just take a few deep breathes before you decide ‘I’m going to whip Joe blows ass just because he pissed me off’.

Note to self...don't write shit when you've been drinking.

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