Thursday, April 01, 2010

Potential Victims

Operating on 3 hours of sleep and still going out again tomorrow.

Potential Victims

I think I'm going to scope out the neighbors house...hehe. Let's see if we can have a little fun...hehe.


middle child said...

Hmmmm. I don't live by you do I? Should I keep my lights on?
By the way, I slept 5:30pm till 5:30am. 12 hours!!!

MsPsycho said...

No fair getting that much sleep! I haven't slept 12 hours in years! I finally managed to get about 4 hours. It's now 1 am and I'm up again. Oh well. I'll get lots of sleep when I'm

I just played a couple April Fool jokes on my neighbor...hehe. No harm occurred to anyone.