Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Second Chance

I screwed up again. At least it wasn’t a negative thing this time. I thought my court date was on the 6th   which is what the court clerk told me when I called her to change the date last month, but when I drove by the police department there wasn’t anyone there. I was a little early, but not so early that no one else would be there. I thought Tuesday night was a odd night for court, but I found the paper where I had wrote down the 6th.  I either wrote it down wrong or the court clerk gave me the wrong date.

City hall was still open, so I drove there to see how much the fine was and maybe just pay the ticket. The fine was $199 which was a little more than I had on me, and I found out the court date wasn’t until Thursday.  Now I just need to come up with a little more money in two days and avoid going to court.  Anyone care to donate?

Storms are moving in, so I'm going to get off here for the night.

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