Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Starting New

I have court tomorrow, and I still haven't told the people around me the truth about what I'm really going to court for. So stress is really impeding my thinking process. Not only do I have court, but I'm also dealing with my 19 year old thinking about quitting Spartan College and wanting to move out to live with friends. I also find out through the grapevine that my sisters house burned down to the ground two weeks ago. My first thought when I found out was why didn't she call and let me know? Am I hated that much by my own family?

I want to write more on this, but I'm having a hard time putting words together. Maybe it's the lack of sleep, too much stress worrying about the outcome of my court, or wondering why I'm still hated by my family. 

I hope everything goes smooth with the court, but sometimes I never know what's going to happen. I keep telling myself that this will be the last time I go to court, but then my reckless mind takes me to other places.

But maybe it's time to start new again. My sister is going to have to start new, my 19-year-old is about to start his new life, so maybe this is the time for me to start with a new promise to stay away from my reckless behavior. It can't hurt, and all I can do is try.


middle child said...

God Bless you and good luck with court. eace.

Coffeypot said...

Change is good. A new start is refreshing. So good luck with it and in court.