Sunday, May 18, 2008


Today I understood why a person like me should not be allowed to legally have a gun, because if I had one, I would have unloaded every fucking bullet into a few sorry ass mother fuckers who call themselves human. Plus throw in a lack of sleep and I was ready to take a persons life without even a second thought. I would have loved to unload several rounds into their body and then one finally bullet to their head as they lay there reconsidering how they might have treated me a little different.

I didn’t make it to sleep last night until the sun started shinning through the small pin holes in the foil that covers my bedroom window. Then I woke right back up around 8:30am and couldn’t go back to sleep, so I just laid there staring at the sun brightly beaming its way just over my head to the wall on the other side of the room. Around 10:30 I forced myself into the shower and got ready to take my older son to graduation so he could play for the band.

I dropped him off and then headed to the Cricket store to return/replace his phone that he bought just one month ago. He bought it in Glenpool, but was told that they couldn’t replace it, even if it was still under warranty, but he could get a new one or have that one fixed if it took it to one of the many places in Tulsa. This was when my frustrations first began. The first store at 21st and Yale was busy, but the worst part was a couple of men in front of me were exchanging heated words with the bitch at the counter.

I went ahead and waited several minutes while they exchanged words, only to find out when it was suppose to be my turn, I was then told I needed to take a number and wait. Knowing that at least 15 other people had come in after me, I said fuck it and walked the hell out. They should have had a sign up near the door that tells people to take a number then wait!!

Took a couple deep breathes and headed off to the next store at 31st and Sheridan. There they couldn’t do anything about it, and told me I would have to take it to another store on down at 31st and Mingo. I get there and once again a long line. I wait and wait for over 30 minutes and they still haven’t finished with the first customer that was in the store when I first walked in! Finally another person shows up to help customers, but only with making a payment. ONE fucking person steps over to her, and that is all she is going to fucking do! I finally step to her and interrupt her speech about she was only taking payments, and quickly say, “I just need to ask a question.”

I quickly tell her the problem and she tells me I’ll have to take it to the another place and pay to have it fixed. Fourth stop!!! They can’t do anything, but they might be able to order some parts and it will cost around $45.00...STILL it might not fix it completely!! By now I’m ready to fucking scream at the top of my lungs, launch my sons damn phone against a wall or up against the sorry ass mother fucker who sold him the fucked up phone.


I stop off at a friends house to calm myself down with a joint or two, which actually turned into a blunt and 3 joints. After getting high, we started talking about how my last court date went, when he broke in and started telling me he has a $10,000 dollar warrant for his arrest. I begin to lose my high when I realize how easily I could be caught up in some shit if the boys in blue come knocking on his door. I swear I have no fucking friends who are straight! He went on to tell me the warrant was for domestic violence from when he broke up with his last girlfriend and beat the shit out of her causing her to lose the baby she was carrying. What a fucking dumbass!!


Safely got away from that side of town and headed back towards Warehouse Market for a little grocery shopping. I go to pull into a parking spot and this fucking white CUNT bitch pulls in front of me from the other direction, taking the spot I was about to pull into. I swear to God I wanted to pull the stunt Kathy Bates did in Fried Green Tomatoes when she ram into two bitches car that had pulled in front of her. That’s when the first thought hit me strong...I wanted a fucking gun so I could walk up to the bitch, put the gun to her fucking head and say, “So you think you’re fucking cute?!!? You are nothing but a rude as bitch that needs to be laying dead in a ditch somewhere!! FUCKING CUNT!!!”


Stopped off at a pawn shop to check and see if they had any TV’s that were reasonably priced. BAD mistake! The second I stepped in the door the line was right there where you could barely even step in the door. I thought well I would just go ahead and take a quick look at what they had, and stepped around a young black girl that was waiting in line standing right in front of the door. I stepped around her, but brushing up against her lightly. Immediately her ignorant nigger ass starts loud talking how I touched her and didn’t say excuse me. I ignore her at first and look around as she continues calling me a bitch.

At this point I am on the verge of wanting to grab this fucking bitch around her throat and strangle her until she can no longer breathe!! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate black people, but I hate fucking people who act like niggers. Like the white bitch in the parking lot, she is a fucking nigger too!!! And the God damn ignorant non-English-speaking Spanish bitch from the Cricket store. FUCK!!! This has just been a small part of my day. Tomorrow had fucking better be a little more calm, or I swear to God I’m going to buy an illegal gun and go around killing up some stupid mother fuckers!!!


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