Friday, May 23, 2008

I'm drunk and no one knows but me...and now you...hehe

I am so fucking drunk right now that I can barely stand. /A good friend invited me over to her house for a couple drinks, the next thing I knew we had finished a fifth of tequila plus some other that she had left over. oh yeah, her husband is cool. Shit! I haven't been this drunk since my dad died several years ago. Fcuk him he was nothing but an asshole!! I hope he is reotting in heall. Damn I can't spell. Shit someone just came online that I know....but I don't want to talk to him right now.

Jen you are one cool ass person...I hope th bitch rots in hell for what she did to you.

Man my stomach is rocking right now...I know I'm going to be throwing up in a few hours. Last time I got this drunk I puked for two days. I'm burping Pringles exytreme kickin cheddar chips...god I know I'm going to be throwing up in a couple hours. fuck!!!

And this is the wrong damn night to be doing this shit. I have 5 teenage boys staying at my house tonight. And all their parents trust me to watch them. shit I'm a fuck up. but people seem to like me alot once they get to know me.

My face is numb and I'm fuckinhg hot!!! I hate the goddamn summer time. I wish I was living somewhere where the weather is around 60 year round. I hate talking to my boys when I'm drunk...but I needed to get drunk...its been too damn long.

Gotta go lay down. Drunk...shit.


Anonymous said...

I know all about what you and you're friend next door are doing...shame on you.,,,lol.

I'm watching you...hehe

MsPsycho said...

Joe... (Not the Joe from Sand Springs...a different Joe, but still a cop.) I know that is you who is sending me all those fucked up emails, and its more than likely you who posted on this site in the past. Get over the childish bullshit and leave me alone. It was someone else not me who was fucking with you, using my yahoo ID. I have now changed my passwords, so no one will be messing with you any more using my name.

And if you are that bored that you feel the need to spy on me every where I go, go ahead and waste your fucking time.

Keep fucking with me and I will email your wife and tell her a few things I'm sure she doesn't know about YOU!!

And tough shit...unless you copied it all down, I already removed the other post I had up and all the shit you said on there.

Anonymous said...

You don't know who I am, but I'm still watching you everywhere you go. I saw you at Wal-Mart yesterday and followed you around. I also watched you water your plants out front...yeah I know everything about you MsPsycho.

MsPsycho said...

I don't really give a fuck who you are, but you better hope like hell I don't catch you stalking me, or you might quickly find yourself being stalked.