Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Driven Insane

I can take it no longer
No more can I fight.
I just want to kill you
I want to end it tonight.

Your voice is like nails
On a chalkboard in my brain,
It pushes me to slit your throat,
Finally ending this fucking pain.

You bring memories to mind,
That I’d rather forget,
Hatred; rage; fear,
You aren’t clear of me yet.

Each action; each word.
Simply drove me insane,
I tried to resist,
But my effort was all in vain.

It’s finally over,
My burden is lifted,
But basking in blood,
My mind’s quickly shifted.

Sinking realization,
Undeserved fate for one not all bad,
Now turn the knife to myself,
I’m so fucking sorry and sad.

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