Monday, March 31, 2008

Late Night

Tomorrow night I’m going over to Sand Springs and see what kind of shit I can get started. I’ve got a big roll of yellow police tape and some other supplies, and I’m going to go around town and mark a few places just for fun. I think I might even start a couple of fires, just to see what will happened. Nothing serious, just a little fun...hehe.

There is this bar that ‘thief’ stopped at a few years ago, that is not far from the police department, so I’m going to stop in and drink a few tomorrow night between causing problems all over town. But, I’m only going to drink a few though, because I found out I’m pregnant again. I don’t want another piece of shit child, so I’m probably going to get rid of this one anyway. I might bring a bottle with me. I want to be drunk at least one last time.

Afterwards I’m going to go around town shooting off a gun in different directions, then leave the scene before the police get there. But you know me, I’ll have to drive back around later and look at all the confusion...ha! If I get bored I might pull a couple of robberies just for fun. Then when I’m done for the day, I’m going to call the police department and tell them that thief is in town, so they better have their guns ready. Late at night, if I haven’t been caught yet, I’m going to find a lone officer on a back road and make him shoot me.

Look’s like I’m going to have a lot of fun. See you around yaS.
Have a great life. Thanks for playing the game.


MsPsycho said...

Thanks for the jump start a minute ago...loved it!!

Anonymous said...

You and I never had a problem with each other when you were on CL and I feel like I honestly tried to help you, so I hope that you will listen to me and know that I do have sympathy for you and your pain. I don't know who is messing with you on this blog, but I spoke with the only two officers from SS that it could possibly be, and it's not them. I have a sneaking suspicion who it might be, and I will try to deal with that. Obviously, I've seen your blog, but I haven't looked at it in awhile, so I had no idea anyone was on here antagonizing you. The officers and myself that you know from CL and SS have no reason to start anything with you. The past is the past and I hope for your sake we can leave it at that. Please think about things before you do anything rash. While I don't condone some of the things you've done that have affected my life semi-personally, I do hope the best for you and I'm sorry you're in so much pain. Someday, with God's help I hope you will be happy and healthy.


MsPsycho said...

Hi BadgeBunny and the rest of you fine officers from Sand Springs...and you too yaS. I've never had a problem with you either BB, so I hope you don't get too mad when I tell you what I'm about to say.

I told the yaS if he kept messing around I would start up some shit. I'm fairly sure I know which officer said those things, and if he hates me that bad, oh well, I'll get over it. He's not the first and probably won't be the last officer to hate me. I learned a long time ago not to take life so serious, because if you do you won't make it to the next day.

Since he was obviously bored working at night, I thought I would play a little joke of my own. April Fools!! Sorry, but I'm not coming to your town to start trouble. Everybody relax and take a deep breath.

Thanks and have a safe day.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that you weren't serious about the threats. I have tried to get the word out that the person or persons messing with you should stop. I cannot control what other people do, but I hope they stop and we can all go about our lives. I would suggest you either just ignore this person or delete their comments.

And I'm sorry you've had such bad experiences with those in law enforcement. There really are more good ones than there are bad, but no one is perfect all the time, even them. Someday, I hope you can try to put yourself in their shoes and understand what things are like from their standpoint. I truly didn't understand or respect them to the extent I do now until I married one. I still take his job for granted sometimes until I ride with him on duty and think, "Oh yeah, he does see little children that die from horrible diseases, or children scared to death because their daddy just beat the hell out of their mommy and threatened to kill her, or old people that try to set themselves on fire because they just don't want to live anymore or have Alzheimer's and don't recognize their own children, or a man bent into the shape of a pretzel and dead after a head on collision because he was speeding home to take care of his wife who had just called him because she was having a miscarriage, or a 5 year old girl that has to explain to him in detail how her daddy raped her, or a mother that jumped from a bridge because she couldn't take it anymore...and sometimes he has to deal with many of those things all in one day...and then he has to come home and try to be a loving husband and father and keep it all together because he wanted to serve the public and help people and chose a job that's thankless most of the time where people hate him and call him names and spit at him and want to kill him." Just think about those kinds of things and try to imagine how you would handle it all. Yeah, they make mistakes, and sometimes they do the wrong thing, and sometimes they abuse their power, but most of them try to do the right thing even if it isn't an easy path to follow.


MsPsycho said...

I knew that this person, (yaS - officer) would read the post I put on my blog, and if he was in law enforcement he would do exactly what he it to someone higher up. I’m assuming this guy is a rookie or a jackass at the least. He obviously knows my true identity, where I live, what I look like, the thing he doesn‘t know or understand is that if he pushes too far, I‘m going to push right back...and I might get real ugly with my response.

If he is not a Sand Springs officer, then he shouldn’t have had access to my personal information. The only way he could have got that was from Coplounge , from another officer, or he himself (which is what I believe) is police officer. And if that is true, what kind of conduct is he showing the world? How cops can be assholes? Let him get his jollies, it’s not hurting me any. It only reminds me of how immature people act. I guess I should be use to it by now, after hearing it for all my life. But maybe that’s why I became so cold towards the world.

Every time I try to find a positive response from law enforcement, I only find the opposite. I wish to believe there are more good officers than bad, but if that is true, I have yet to meet them. Because of the way I look, I receive a different response from them, than say you would.

Maybe I understand law enforcement more than you realize. I have seen some things in my life that no one should ever have to see or deal with. That’s what first lead me towards law enforcement sites, I wanted to understand how they got past seeing, feeling some of the things they experienced. I thought maybe if I could understand how they were able to move on with their lives after witnessing something horrible, I could to.

I know and understand fully that we all make mistakes, but the ones I can’t stand are the ones who pretend like they do nothing wrong. And don’t arrest me for some law that they broke earlier in the day.

I want to let go of my past more than anything, but it won’t let go of me.

Anonymous said...

Your past won't let go of you because you won't let it. Writing about it every day is obviously consuming you. Get out and enjoy the world and stop obsessing about suicide, murder, rape, etc.

Stop obsessing about what the police are doing. If they're doing wrong, they will pay eventually, as will everyone else.

It seems you're letting yourself get swallowed by your own grief.

MsPsycho said...

The more times I tell myself to let it go, the more my mind wants to thinks about ‘crazy shit’. I told this to a therapist a few years ago, and he was the one that suggested I start writing about my intrusive thoughts. At first I just wrote in notebooks, but there got to be too many, that’s when I started posting my crazy thoughts online.

Imagine if you can, that everyday your mind fucked with you, making you thinking about thoughts that are considered not ‘normal’. Could you just tell them to go away? Try it sometime, it just makes my mind think about it more.

And why go out in the everyone like you can make fun of me some more? Fuck you. Its less painful staying inside my hidden little world, than going out and having to deal with people like you.

Why I’m obsessed, as you put it, with the police? Maybe I’m trying to get back a little, just a tiny little bit, of what was taken away from me years ago by law enforcement. Too many have gotten away with doing wrong shit to me....So why in the fuck don’t I have a right to get some of that back!?

So what if you think I need therapy, counseling, whatever, are you going to pay for it? My insurance won’t. This is my therapy, and if you don’t like how nasty, fucked up, sick, and depressing it can be, go the fuck on. Just like the TV, you know how to turn the fucking channel.

Anonymous said...

Just so you know, the above comment was not from me. Nor do I know who it is from. I understand the writing thing. It absolutely can be therapeutic. You just have to be careful what you post online because, just like this blog, it could be construed as an actual threat. It certainly would be shocking for most people to read it. I just wanted you to know that the negative posts you've gotten previously on here were not from any SS officers or me. I get no joy out of arguing with someone or calling them or not. This will probably be my last post here, so I hope you find happiness.


MsPsycho said...

I don't know if you will read this BB, but I knew it wasn't you who posted that comment. I could tell by the site meter I have that the IP address was not yours. At first I thought it was the guy who has been harrassing me, but I'm not sure of that now.

And I didn't mean what I posted to come off as a threat. I didn't think the person harrassing me would within minutes of reading it, he would forward it on to the police department.

I have no reason what so ever to harm another person, the only person I ever harm is myself.

Thank you BB for your concern.