Saturday, February 14, 2009


I am stumbling,
desperately trying not to fall,
but inside I'm crumbling,
wishing I could end it all...

I'm trying not to break apart
because of this ache in my battered heart,
trying so hard not to slip,
but I am losing my grip...

The chronic tears I am crying,
I can't stand being a prisoner to this pain,
my scarred soul is dying,
and out comes the razor to punish again...

I'm trying to hold on tight,
but I am losing my will to fight,
fading with the light,
dying with all my might...

I am just so broken,
in such horrible disrepair,
in these words I have spoken,
my utter despair...

I am trying not to lose sight,
of the last bit of life's light,
but I'm losing it tonight,
I am so far from being alright....

I'm dying so quickly inside,
I can't stop thinking suicide...