Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm fine...Its Everyone Else Who Is Insane

Thoughts of violence, chaos, confusion
Batter my brain, a constant intrusion.

I'm told I'm sick,
Who's opinion.......yours?

I've been a doctor, of course.
Shit, I'll just consider the source.

They say, "Take the pills, they will make you sane."
I don’t understand what’s wrong with feeling pain.

The anger is building, this whole thing sucks.
I try to tell people, but I can tell they doesn’t really give a fuck.

Back on the street, alone once more
They've turned me into a medication whore.

Voices in my head beginning to grow.
What to do next? I don't know.

They say there's no cure, I may not get better.
I‘m just sick of my pillow getter wetter.

If I scream or jump or try to do myself in,
I get a police ride to the loony bin.

If you have an answer, tell me please,
Or this could be the end of me.

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