Friday, February 20, 2009

The Death of a Friend

I finally got the news that my friend, since 1984 died yesterday morning at the young age of 40. He left behind a loving wife, and two beautiful girls, that will forever be on my mind. His body is going to be cremated, which is what he always wanted to have done. I should find out Sunday when services will be held, but most likely it will be Monday or Tuesday evening. Right now his body is still in Kansas and arrangements haven’t been completed on how to bring him back across state line.

I hate funerals, especially when it’s one of the gang members I hung out with back then. There are 4 down now, (that I’m aware of) that didn’t make it to 41. I have to wonder what makes me so special that I get to live?

Gonna make this’s Friday night and I’m going to have a few drinks or two or three. ....maybe more.

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