Thursday, March 30, 2006


Being a psycho I tend to sometimes do some really crazy things, and later I wonder why. I know why I first began stealing, because I was accused by a school principal for stealing candy out of a candy machine, but I honestly didn’t steal anything. Still, I couldn’t prove that I didn’t and received a spanking so severe that the bruises never went away. I was only 10 years old when I began my crime spree of stealing from those of authority. Somehow it gave me satisfaction in knowing that I had taken something from them and made them feel the way I felt when I received an unjust spanking.

After that it was just a chain reaction…I committed crime after crime when I realized how easy it was to get away with doing the things I did. I could easily get all the things my parents didn’t get for me. Simple things such as make-up, new underwear, and my first bra. Which I stole because my Mom said I refused to wear one because I said it hurt when I had it on. What she failed to say is she had bought me one that was 3 sizes to small, so of course I wasn’t going to wear it. After that she never bought me another bra until I stole one from the store and she saw me trying it on. I figured out early on, if there was any that I truly needed I would have to get it myself.

As a teenager my stealing became out of control because of this way of thinking. Eventually I was stealing because I enjoyed the rush I received from strolling out the door without being caught.

This is getting long enough, so I’m going to stop here and post a few confessions, feel free to post your own if you’ve got enough balls. Right now I’m not going to explain what’s behind the post; I’ll try and explain some of that another time. Scream out loud now.


I steal…no big surprise there.
I like cutting on myself. I also hate cutting on myself.
I once broke into a police officers house and stole his guns and badge.
I killed a dog before by poisoning it.
I have books from the library that I’ve never returned.
I’ve grown marijuana plants in my house.
I sometimes think about killing people.
I made an explosive device one day when I was bored.
I’m a drug addict.
While in prison I did heroin with a correctional officer.
I wrote things on a public bathroom wall threatening the police.
I stole something today.
I once saw a UFO.
I had sex with different officers when I was a teenager to get out of being arrested.
I gave people Christmas gifts that were stolen.
I put too much toilet paper in a toilet before just to clog it up.
I have broken into 3 liquor stores with different people.
I have stolen many cars.
I gave counterfeit money to a drug dealer.
Sometimes I take too many pills.
I’ve committed mail fraud.
I have set things on fire.
I got arrested on purpose before.
I sometimes steal for no reason.
I cheated at playing cards.
I ate a whole cake once and then I made myself throw-up.
I’ve stolen several guns and resold them.
I spit in someone’s drink.
Voices sometimes tell me to kidnap people so I can torture them.
I have a notebook where I write down everything I’ve every stolen.
I know someone who works with explosives.
I like to lick just the cheese off of chips.
I have watched some really weird porn.
I set a field on fire.
I huffed gasoline before.
I have had sex with a complete stranger.
I have stalked several police officers just for fun.
I am afraid.


Anonymous said...

I licked my boyfriends balls while he was sleeping...yummy.

I stole make-up today.

I bought a package of cookies and eat them all. When everyone asked me what happened to them I blamed our dog.

I sometimes see things other people don't see.

I peed on my boyfriends toothbrush one time when I was mad at him.

Anonymous said...

I'm 34 years old and I play with stuffed animals.

Anonymous said...

I jacked off and mixed it in with the mayo then served it to everyone at a picnic.

I stuck my dick inside a jar of mayo just to see what it felt like.

Anonymous said...

I stole a teachers purse, because I thought she was acting like a racist.

I broke into someones house before and stole things.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy submitting people's webpages to local and federal law enforcement agencies, just to see what will happen.

MsPsycho said...

I enjoy messing with local and federal law enforcement agencies; it wakes me up and makes me feel alive.

Thief said...

I love the rush I get from stealing.

I want to secretly kill our dog.

Anonymous said...

I fucking love these confessions!!!
Someday I will kill someone, just to see what it will it feel like.
I like shoving firecrakers and M80's up cat's asses and inside the pussies. I jackoff on them as they lay there slowly dieing.