Friday, October 30, 2015

Magic Tea

For days now, I have felt like an alien. Strangers passing by me are no doubt judging me as weird, if not completely crazy. Friends and family would just never understand. Numbers are chasing me. I seem to always look at the clock when it’s 12:34, why I don’t know, but twice day there it is; while in the car, out shopping, driving past a bank, going to bed, turning the TV to a different channel, just weird things.

To help me out, I’ve decided to make my own special blend of “magic tea”, hoping this will help me sleep. Like tonight, I just can’t seem to sleep. I’ve had the problem off and on for years now, just sometimes it gets worse and I do nothing but toss and turn all night. I’ve tried the over the counter sleep medicines, which didn’t help at all, and the doctors always want to give me things like Trazodone. Thinking that will somehow fix me.

So instead, I make my own. At first it doesn’t taste good, but gets better with each sip.  I guess the added alcohol doesn’t hurt. By the time I’m finished with a large cup, I’m slowly drifting off to sleep for 6 or more hours of uninterrupted sleep. Feels great when I’m able to sleep that long.

Last night after not having a cup I began dreaming that I was robbing a bank, but just as I got all the money and was walking out the bank I was shot repeatedly in the chest by many officers. I spent the rest of the night awake. The nightmares always continue until I drink more of my ‘magic tea’.  

I just finished an extra-large cup of my ‘magic tea’. I hope tonight sleep will find me running through fields of tall sun flowers to reach the other side.  

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