Wednesday, March 04, 2009

We are born naked, wet and hungry. Then things get worse.

Yesterday, I knew the weather was suppose to be nice for today, so I thought I would try to get up early enough to enjoy this enticing Wednesday...alone. To do this I had to go out of town, where hopefully nobody knows who I am, and just relax. I’ve been too manic for the past few days, so I decided it would be a good idea to take a long walk at one of the parks in the town I where I went, maybe do a little writing, take a few pictures, and then afterwards I could get some shopping done at Wal-Mart. Anything to get rid of some of this excess energy.

The weather was little cloudy out, but the temperature was just right for me, not to cold or to hot, just perfect for a long walk. I sat in the car briefly, writing down a few thoughts that were running around in the back of my head. Then I put my writing in one purse, bag, that I carry...extra...things in, like writing material, and other personal items, that I don’t really want to mention. Then I took my main purse, the one with the money in it, and locked it in the trunk before I took off on my walk, leaving the other purse sitting in the passenger seat.

Like a dumb ass, I leave the car unlocked and take off walking, enjoying the walk along the river. I walked around for a little over an hour before returning to the car. The second I sit down in the car, I notice my purse is missing. At first, I just thought maybe I locked it in the trunk with my other purse, so I quickly got out to look. And of course, it wasn’t there, but luckily the one with money was still there.

I thought about calling the police, but whoever took it, didn’t get much, maybe a few dollars that I kept in a pocket. Most of the rest of the stuff was just personal items, that are rather embarrassing to admit that I was carrying. So, I choose not to call the police, and hopefully whoever took it, throws the purse away, so no one else comes across the contents.

Other than that, I had a great day. My knees are hurting a little bit, after the long walk, and the shopping in Wal-Mart, but nothing that a couple ibuprofen won’t take care of in a couple hours. Even though I had a bad experience, my fault though, I was caught slipping, I might go back again tomorrow for another walk. If I don’t go to the same park, I might go to Chandler Park this time. It’s a really nice park, that I haven’t been to since I hurt my knees a few years ago. I miss being able to do the rock jumping, and climbing, but my knees are so bad now, that one wrong turn and I would be fucked. I don’t even want to think about twisting my knee at the bottom of the cliffs and have to call 911for someone to come get my fat ass up out of there. We’ll just avoid that kind of activity for the rest of my life. At my age, even if I did get my knees repaired, I can’t see me being able to do that ever again.

Well, guess I’ve killed enough time, writing down my thoughts, like in a diary, but only instead of it being private, anyone who wishes can dwell into my mind.

I write for the same reason I breathe;
Because if I didn't, I would die.

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