Monday, March 23, 2009

Deep Below

I’ve decided I have to go somewhere by the river,
Far away, on my own.
I crave to be enveloped in the calmness of the green waters,
So much that it makes me want to cry.

With passionate suffering,
I have never known an urge so overpowering,
Reaching into my heart with every breath.

I imagine standing on the beautiful empty shore;
Walking across rocks into deep welcoming pools;
Descending into the soothing water,
The vast river in front of me.

I feel the cool water flow over my head,
As I sink down into its depth.
The sensation hugging my body.

The river swallowing me with its empathetic weight;
Away from everything;
I lay in the quiet, just floating like a dead body;
A weightless mind shimmers on the edge of a dream.

Transforming and becoming;
Living, Ending;
Tears merging with the flow of the tide.

My body flutters;
I sink to the bottom;
Eyes blinking at blurred orbs of light;
Death waits no more.

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