Sunday, June 15, 2008

June 15, 2007

I go to court in Tulsa, tomorrow morning at 9am for hopefully the last time, on the possession of marijuana charge from over 3 years ago. I’m a little stressed about it, but the Lortab and Zanax that I took about an hour ago seems to be helping enough that I’m not really feeling much of anything. According to my Attorney, nothing serious should happen. They will give me a fine, I will pay it, as long as it’s not more than $400, and it should all be over. NO MORE going to court for this stupid ass will hopefully finally be over with and I can get my life going a different direction once again.

I had a big long rant that I was going to post, but I just really don’t feel like it now. I have other stress going on in my life at the moment, but I don’t have to start worrying about it until August. At least for now this charge will be out of my way.

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