Sunday, January 01, 2006

I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.

---Quoting Deputy757---
It should be illegal, but even shitheads have a right to express themselves.

The lucky one are not those who get out, but those who heal.

Suicide- The act of instance of taking one’s own life voluntarily and intentionally.
People ignore, deny it, and are shamed by the act. There is always fear and misunderstanding.
After a while, pain wears on us.

If suicide was the right thing to do why is it so painful to contemplate? Why is it so difficult to do? If I commit suicide, it will not be to destroy myself, but to put myself back together again. At times I feel like I need someone who’s a psychologist, social worker and a cop all rolled into one. I need someone who’s aggressive yet tender at the same time.

Inside we are sad all by ourselves, but as long as we continue to have a distraction in our lives we will continue to live. When we are left alone the suicide thoughts gradually intensify until we can no longer stand the way we feel.

-We fail to measure up to those around us and feel we must punish ourselves.-

I made a bomb---I do crazy things sometimes and later I wonder why.

I wish I would never have to face another human being again. Inside my soul has become so cold that I hate everything. I now believe that death is better than my prospects for any kind of happiness. Each day I wake up and tell myself that I have one day less to live in this world. God had known of my struggles for years, but He still stood by watching as things went from bad to worse.

On any given day, some adult who is the victim of a dark past of child abuse may vent his or her pent-up frustrations on society or on those they may love.

At times I feel a strong urging to destroy what has caused me so much pain.

Even the most morally upright person harbors fantasies of forbidden behavior—of savage lust and primal violence. What’s different is their willingness to act on their darkest desires.

Sometimes I want to translate my sickest fantasies into fact. I often envision the most sadistic from of revenge. The sight of a cop would arouse thoughts of abduction, sexual torture, and then murder. The fantasies are strong. My perverted fantasies have reached an unbearable pitch of intensity. I have sadistic thoughts of dominance and degradation, perversion and pain. I want to render you unconscious, then translate my sickest fantasies into fact. I live inside my head, locked within my own bizarre, pathological dream world. Stepping over that line will fill me with an intoxicating sense of power, even invincibility. I feel the need to go out and now attempt to commit these crimes.


JamesNC said...

Hey take a deep breath sit back and think of nothing then ask the Lord Jesus Christ to help you turn everything over to him it is the simplist yet the hardest thing to do . Please you are a person who deserves happiness and peace just like anyone else does. Jesus carried his own cross to be hung and brutally murdered on just for you and me. Let go of those who have hurt you caused you pain, Christ forgave us forget the past forgive people in your past and turn it loose.Just try it,pick up a Bible and read psalms or the book of john. Biblegateway .com you can read online any version. I recommend the NIV or the Message And it is my prayer that the tender loving hands of Christ find you .

MsPsycho said...

Christ forgot about me a long time ago.