Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Silence Brings on the Pain

Silence Brings on the Pain

I’m depressed enough to write again,
The gun is against my head,
Will I pill the trigger?
Should I let the blood drip like tears from my eyes?

There is so much pain,
Will I die in vain?
Do you understand?
Why I hold this gun in my hand?

I hear the floor creaking
With footsteps in the night.
Through the crevices
The lustful eyes peep.
I remember someone being there.
Will he be there tonight?

Another sleepless night,
Another pill,
Another drink,
A puff of smoke
Anything to make me not have to think.

A person that I thought cared,
Was really my enemy.
Unable to sleep.
Unable to close my eyes.
I lie awake, and silently weep.

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