Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Poem I Understand

I Understand

I don't know why some people feel they suffer unique pain.
As if, they are the only ones who've lost or ceased to gain.
I don't know why they hide their pain and clutch it ever tighter.
It seems to me that all should know - a burden shared gets lighter.

If you think that, you can't share because I won't understand.
At least just, give me half a chance to lend a helping hand.
For I know that you're hurting and I know a place to start.
Perhaps if you could realize - Your pain burns in my heart.

Maybe I can help a bit to get you through today.
And maybe by tomorrow you won’t need help anymore.
But if you should - Don't be ashamed -For that's what friends are for.

After all is said and done - The trials ceased - You're whole.
Perhaps you'll know just what to do to help another soul.
Being crushed by hurt and pain - be it woman or a man
I won't have to hear them say, "You just don’t understand."


Anonymous said...

Very nice poem.

arting @ sweetness said...

really nice n true........