Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My boy toy

I met him online in one of the chat rooms, and after viewing his gorgeous, young body, I knew I had to taste all that he had to offer. He was around the age of eighteen, muscular and with olive colored skin, a big tattoo on his smooth biceps, green eyes, and dark short cut hair. He was any older woman's dream.

He met me at my apartment, and we spent no time getting down to business, stripping our clothes off as we walked towards my bed. My mattress lies by the open window, with a single crumpled sheet and pillow. Slowly the boy sinks to his knees and tips me backward onto the bed, never taking his eyes off my cunt. Laying his palms on the insides of my thighs, he forces my legs apart as far as they will spread. I can't take my eyes off that beautiful penis. Then I have to because he starts to thrust hard and fast, his round balls slapping my flesh, his hands convulsively squeezing my breasts. I'm panting and gasping, thrusting back and kissing his penis hard with my vagina. As soon as my whimpers reach a certain pitch, the boy slips it out, wipes away the sweat that's trickled down his creamy chest to his belly, then he enters me again, and again and again.
He rolls me over and grips me by the hips and jacking my ass upward, he changes angle and rams it up my cunt all the way to the cervix. I rock against him as hard and fast as I want to; this guy's not going to quit pumping till I can't cum anymore.

Bright, almost blinding light from the hall fell across our bodies as my roommate and a tall black man stumbled into the apartment.

"Damn! Give me a fuckin' break," the boy protest.

"Ohh, Don't stop!" I shout out as I grabbed the boy's ass, forcing him deep inside me. "They are friends of mine. Keep going."

From the corner of my eye I see the man my roommate as brought back with her, already stripped to the waist. He looks like a dark-chocolate God.

The boy is watching while he continues to dig deeper between the cheeks of my rump, stroking my breasts and sneaking one hand down to play with my clit. Without a word my roommate strips and begins to suck her mans mounting hard on.

By this time I'm cumming in a nonstop hysterical stream, the feel of my mount penetrating me again and again sent a shuddering wave all through me. I bit the pillow and gripped the mattress edges for dear life.

As I look over I see my roommate twisting around into a low bend over the bathtub with her rump in the air. Her man forces his long black thick cock up her creamy white mound, as she caresses her own stiff breast, making noises in the back of her throat as he roughly enters her.

"Oh you dirty fucking bastard. Fuck me hard", she groans. The boy at my cunt is like a rock, his balls are like a hard fuzzy peach ready to burst. I find myself wanting them to burst at last.

I brush the sweaty hair from my eyes and look at the man as he's lathering his left hand, his right hand resting on my roommates soft white ass. The boy hugs me even tighter and bites into the back of my neck. The man returns my stare with cold contempt. I watch as his dark cock rams in and out of her ass, slowly he guides several of his long fingers into her cunt. The boy takes one look and, "aaaaaaaahahhahhhhhhh!" hot and wet cum spills forth only like a virile teenager can. We collapse in exhaustion. A pool of semen seeps out onto the bed.
"You bastard," shouts my roommate. Still she loved it. A cock up her ass and a hand up her tight little white cunt. With a jerk her man pulls out of her, and shoots his massive load over her creamy white ass. Her man quickly steps into his clothes and rushes out the door. As a last word he shouts, "You fucking white bitch", then he's gone. My roommate giggles, massages her moist behind and then darts off to her room, leaving me alone with the boy.

He turns to kiss me one last time. "Good night Rick," I whisper lightly into his ear.

"It's Ron," he says smiling sweetly.


Anonymous said...

I will be your Boy Toy anytime you need it!

MsPsycho said...

lol...Thanks for the smile. I needed that.