Monday, July 30, 2007

The top 10 misconceptions about Police Officers

The Top Ten Misconceptions about Police Officers

This Information Has Been Derived from a Federal Report on The State of Law Enforcement in the United States

1) Being a cop is a dangerous job.
False: Being a cop is not even on the list of the top 15 most dangerous jobs in America. Being a cab driver is 50 times more dangerous than being a cop.

2) Cops in the U.S are highly trained.
False: Cops in the U.S. only receive 9 to 12 weeks of training, sometimes a lot less, one of the lowest in the industrialized world. Cops in most other countries receive at least 104 weeks of training, (two years) and usually require an education.

3) Cops are chosen because of their superior decision making skills.
False: A report by the federal government states that over 90% of cops on duty in the U.S. barely passed high school or received a GED.

4) Cops are morally superior to regular citizens.
False: Out of 750,000 cops in the U.S. over 11,000 are indicted each year for felony crimes. That's 32.8 per day. This is only a drop in the bucket, most cop violations go unreported.

5) Cops are not civilians.
False: Cops are civilians, they are civil servants protected by the Civil Service Act. Only elected officials and military personnel are government officials. Not appointed offices such as law enforcement officers, deputies, civil servants, government contractors or government employees. The only law enforcement officer that is not a civilian is a Sheriff, because he is elected.

6) Cops are legal experts.
False False False: Cops are not experts at anything, especially law. If any cop tells you he is a legal expert, call your local Bar Associations Unlicensed Practice of Law Branch.

7) Cops can give you legal advice.
False: Only a licensed attorney can give you legal advice. If a cop suggests any legal action, report it to the State Bar.

8) Cops are under paid.
False: They are well paid for a job that requires no education, unskilled, minimally trained low risk labor, with government benefits and retirement.

9) Cops are society's best people.
False: Some departments have been found to have convicted felons in uniform and as high up as the highest ranking officers in their precincts.

10) Police do a good job of policing themselves.
False: Insider information has reported to us that it is most departments' policies to use internal affairs to cover up anything that would embarrass a departments administration. Unless it is caught on record or reported by the media. Letting cops police themselves is the same as letting the inmates run the prisons. Vote for any local change in your community to put citizen review boards in charge of police discipline matters. Remember, we are the taxpayers, the cops are our employees, Stop letting them get away with murder.


cl said...

You're an idiot and it sounds like you just randomly made up that stuff. My husband is a policeman with a Masters degree in criminology. I'm pretty sure he's much smarter and superior to your dumb ass. Stop blogging about what you don't know.

MsPsycho said...

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Anonymous said...

No matter what others say, I think it is still interesting and useful maybe necessary to improve some minor things

Anonymous said...

You really need to be careful how you read statistics.. if u have ever taken a college stats course, you'll know anyone can manipulate numbers to make them look however they want. whats your problem with police anyways? can you imagine going to work everyday not knowing if you will come home to your daughter? i do it every day, just to be ridiculed by citizens like you.

Anonymous said...

You really need to be careful how you question people's statistics.. if u have ever taken a high school course, you'll know that anyone can say some bullshit to belittle an argument using real statistics and numbers. whats your problem with cab drivers anyways? can you imagine going to work everyday not knowing if you will come home to your daughter? i do it every day, just to be looked down upon by cops like you.

Anonymous said...

I think training is different for every state and county. Out here you're in training for at least 196 weeks.

Most of what you've posted is all anecdotal evidence. Most of it is also based on your misconceptions about misconceptions.