Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Dark Room

The Dark Room

I met my girlfriend Tonya for dinner one evening last week and, over dinner, she told me about this place visited called “The Dark Room”. It’s a quaint place with a cozy, intimate restaurant out front, but the back door takes you to a house of fantasies. There is, of course, a small fee but you get to live out your most intimate fantasies there, and they remain forever yours.

Tonya shared with me the hot and steamy details of her visit and I found myself so turned on that I began to think about my unfulfilled fantasy. Each night since, I have masturbated with my eyes closed, envisioning my erotic jungle experience. Today, unable to think about much else, I called her to ask for the number. I spoke with the Mistress there and arranged to meet her and embark upon my erotic journey into the jungle.

We met that afternoon, discussed the details, and set the date for the next Wednesday afternoon. I keep reliving every detail out of the adventure in my mind, and I didn’t think I would be able to wait the five days until I would finally get there.

Time seems to have dragged so slowly this past week. I’ve gotten my hair done, had my hands and feet perfectly manicured and pedicured, and I even spent time in the sun beds to tan my body. I’ve worked out harder than usual and feel sure that I’ll look like the sexiest blonde alive. My silky platinum blonde hair hangs loosely down my back. It has the untamed look of the minx, that I will finally get to be. My muscles are firm, and even I get wet and horny when I stand naked before a mirror.

I especially love my tits. A 34-D, firm, and round. Sometimes, when I am alone, I start out massaging oil into them. I love licking myself into a frenzy before my fingers scratch my belly, my thighs and drift slowly towards my pussy. Tonight, I’ll do just that once again, just to hold myself over until tomorrow.

The day finally arrived. My stomach is tight with anticipation and my hands are hot and clammy. The door to my “Dark Room” has just been closed. I hear the sounds of birds chirping in the background, the sound of wind blowing through trees, and the gentle flow of an indoor waterfall in the middle of a huge pool.

I’m ordered to remove all of my clothes at the door. “You won’t be needing any of those here”, a huge muscled man at the door tells me. I giggle at the idea and without much hesitation, I strip all my clothing off and hand them over.

I am naked and the cool breeze feels wonderful on my honey-tanned skin. Slowly, I walk barefoot through the bush to the water’s edge. The water appears to be safe, so I venture to the waterfall and immerse myself in the cool water. My nipples stand hard as the water beats relentlessly upon them. It feels so wonderful to be naked out in the open like this. I walk from the waterfall and gently slide into the pool below. The water is cool and refreshing, so I splash around and play a little. It’s not as if a city girl can splash around naked in the outdoors every day.

After my swim, I strolled to the sand and lay naked in the sun. As the sun’s rays warmed my body, I felt the strongest sensation of being watched, which excites me. I looked around but could see no one except the baboon hidden amongst the brush, eyeing me curiously. Knowing what was to happen to me today, I lay out on my back, tits firm in the air and spread my legs. I began toying with my clitoris make it throb and stand out every so slightly. I continue as I notice the baboon’s eyes growing wider as I bring myself to orgasm.

As the squeals of pleasure escaped my lips, I opened my eyes and was startled to see him standing there. He stood tall, about six feet. His sandy colored hair was wild and wavy and hung to his shoulders. His body tanned, strong and absolutely beautiful. He stood above me with a smile that emulated from his deep blue eyes and I felt safe, not threatened. I scanned every inch of his body, as it towered naked before me. He was beautiful, and when my eyes met his pelvic area, I’m sure the hot flush that coursed through my veins colored my skin a burning red. He was fully erect. I knew that the pleasure he was going to bring me today would be mixed with pain, but I was ready.

Although I knew that this man was a complete stranger, I had fantasized about this so long and he resembled exactly what I had asked for so I felt as if I had finally met the man I had been fantasizing about for years.

He kneeled toward me, knowing that I wanted only him, and kissed me hard on the mouth. I kissed him back, passionately and he lay upon me. We kissed for what seemed an eternity, our hands ravaging one another. Although his hands were strong, they were also gentle. His hot lips brushed my cheeks and slid steamily down my throat, across my shoulders and to my bare breasts. He began to toy with my nipples as I laid back with my eyes closed, enjoying every second. As his tongue danced around my nipples, I could feel myself becoming wetter and wetter. Soon I was aching with anticipation. His mouth left my nipples and he ventured downwards. His tongue licked across my thighs, and as I squirmed in delight, he parted my pussy lips and jabbed he tongue deep within me. The ritualistic dance continued and I began to moan with sheer pleasure.

He reached to his side, where he had an open coconut. He lifted it up and began pouring the milk onto me. The sticky sweet milk tingled as it made its way down my lips and he licked it off with a thick pulsating tongue that sent me into a screaming frenzy as my climax came. My body trembled frantically and, as the tremors subsided, I squealed and shook. He came over me now and poured the coconut milk onto my breasts.

Tantalizingly, he worked me until my nipples stood erect. Then he began to nibble and bite me there. He moved upward and his rapid breath in my ear sent another wave of goose bumps over my body. I was ready for more, and so was he.

With a sweeping thrust, he entered me. Swollen and ready, he felt like a rocket ship inside me. His hips rocked steadily and he entered me again and again. With each stroke, I felt nearer to orgasm. He kissed me and stroked me, never losing his rhythm. This man must have been a dancer, the way he could work me over, his relentless, steady grind making me cum all over him. When I felt his body tensing as his orgasm neared, I squeezed him hard with my pussy, using every muscle to milk his sweet juices from his aching muscle. He screamed aloud with pleasure, sweat dripping from his body as his body trembled, succumbing to the sweet ecstasy of his long awaited orgasm. With each spasm, he thrust deeper within me and we exploded together, our bodies entwined in this mesmerizing moment.

He held me for what seemed an eternity, and then we strolled together to the water. We splashed and played together as though we had been one forever. Taking the time to wash one another and showering off underneath the waterfall.

It was wonderful, and when we were clean, I lay on the large rock near the waterfall. He took oil and began to massage my body. His hands stroking the oil down my back, my thighs, my arms, and my ass. I rolled over, inviting him to rub my front. He started with my hands and feet, worked up my arms and legs and then to my tits, stomach and between my legs. One more tongue bath could never hurt. This time, he did something different. As he worked my clit with his tongue, his fingers entered me. He found the spot that would make me cum in a flash. I couldn’t believe it. Only one other man could do this to me. As his fingers explored deeper and around every bump inside my cunt an orgasm overtook my body like a bolt of lightning. My juices spilled out like a river. My head was spinning in the ecstasy of it all. When my orgasm was over, he continued to rub my body. I fell swiftly off to sleep with the setting sun. My fantasy was no more. It was reality.

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