Friday, July 28, 2006



Brion3335 said...

I am struck by the picture you thought to bring to us; entitled "Torture". It was quite evident to me that you choose to add no further explanation, captions or text. It is also apparent to me, as it was or is for you, that no further words are needed. I feel that though you may have found this picture in some other unlikely place, I know that it was drawn from your heart. The torture you have illustrated through the post of this picture is physical and sexual; though one is no better than the other. The people in your picture are naked and you make no attempt to show them any modesty, and I find that appropriate. Though I am a male, I too was sexually abused by a male; I was 11 y/o, he was 50 and though he was not my real father, I wanted him to be so. It was not until 30 years later that a intuitive therapists asked the simple question "who raped you". I had never thought of that word in the context of what happened to me, but, I can not dispute it was the correct word for her to use, as vulgar and offensive that word is to my senses. I am appreciative of your picture as it also represents not only the sexual abuse, but, it illustrates the comfort by which it was done to me. When most people think of sexual abuse or rape, I think they picture a violent and physical act, and it often is. Later on in my life, at my age of 16, the rape and torture that I was subjected to then took place in the comfort of a living room, other people were present, people watched and laughed and particpated.

MsPsycho said...

You are correct, I felt there were no further words needed.

Being abused is so wrong and forever changes who you are.
Anyone who was abused repeatedly throughout their life, can maybe understand that after a period of time, the sexually abuse became 'normal', and the thing to do. No one can deny the fact that the sex felt good, but a part of us also felt that what was being done to us was wrong. It confuses us, and that I believe is partly what makes our minds crazy, or in some cases split us into twoor more minds.