Thursday, February 02, 2006

Let the Pain End

He began beating me kicking punching and other means. I eventually blacked out. When I awoke I found myself bleeding from the mouth and head and nose. He left me tied there. The security guard found me not too long after I awoke. It hurt to move. My collar bone, nose, 2 ribs, and wrist was broken. Plus I had cuts and bruises and a concussion in my head and had to get 7 stitches in the back of my head.

It wasn't much of a contest. He then slapped me and took off his tie. He tied my hands with it. He then took a handkerchief out of his pocket and stuffed it in my mouth. As I still continued to struggle he removed his belt and put it around my neck and then proceeded to use it as a weapon. He pulled it tight enough to cut my air off so then I would stopped fighting him. I was not willing to lose my life over it. He then proceeded to rape me. When he was done he fixed himself up and proceeded to drive me home - or so I thought. But instead he pulled off the road again and told me that it was so good the first time he wanted some more. Perhaps he thought I would consent that time, but once again I pleaded with him not to do it. He once again tied my hands and put the belt around my throat although I did not try to fight him the second time. He used the belt just in case I did fight so he would be able to "persuade" me to cooperate. When he was finished for the second time he told me that if I told anyone he would find my younger sister and do the same thing to her. That terrified me more than anything he could have done to me. He finally drove me home and dropped me off telling me he hoped he could see me again soon.

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