Thursday, January 01, 2015

Let me Write

Here I am with only 30 minutes left to fulfill a promise I made right before the new year; to write at least one page every day in January. I love writing and think about it everyday, but I never seem to squeeze in the time or the effort.  For the past 2 years I have struggled with the thoughts that I'm just not good enough, and would people want to read what I chose to write about. But like in my last post, I let doubt creep in, and that doubt stops me dead in my tracks. 
There is this little voice that has recently grown louder and calls to me in my sleep. I know how to silence that voice, but I continually question myself if this is the path I should walk. At my age now, I realize there is only so much time left to my life, so if I'm going to write, I need to do it now. My writing may turn out a little messy, chaotic, but I want/need to feel my body shiver as I think about other people reading my writing. I have to fill the void I feel in my life.
This is the start of day one. See you again tomorrow.

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