Monday, September 06, 2010


Memory is a funny thing.
It holds back information, I guess.
Protecting us from the horror of truth.
Only allowing us edited versions of events.
Yet the mind knows.
It has to, in order to know what to hold back.
And that's what troubles me.


artquest1 said...

I agree with your observation about memory - it is not only a tool to keep track of data, information and incidents but it also acts as a censor. Most of the time this is probably OK as it allows us to not dwell upon our negative reactions to past actions or situations ("If woman could remember the total pain of childbirth, the world's population would plummet"). Of course, as you point out, when "it" seems to know more about what we need to remember than we do, that's troubling.
Something to ponder - when we write fiction, based upon real feelings and incidents, we can attribute the pain and horror to a contrived person, and perhaps short circuit or bypass this memory censor. At least, something to ponder.

Coffeypot said...

Deep down the mind knows it all. It also thinks it knows what we can handle. Most times it is right.

bazza said...

As the other commenters have observed, your analysis is right.
There is, however, another reason that memory works like it does.
Say that you drove the exact same way to work every day for a year. That's probably about 500 journeys there and back.
If you could accurately recall them all your head would explode!
Therefore memory learns to be selective.
Bet you didn't reckon on what a can of worms your post would open?

artquest1 said...

Gee, first you guys get earthquakes, and now a hurricane? I though Jerry Falwell said god was only angry at New Orleans...

MsPsycho said...

It is interesting how the mind works. I learn more about mine everyday.

Yeah, the weather is crazy around here... we get a little bit of everything.