Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I Tried to Write....but this is all I could do.

I let the anger boil until it was overflowing, spilling out in a violent rush as I stood in line, sizing him up. I could take him.

I’ve been trying to do other activities that keep me from thinking as much, like painting. Problem is painting is not a good thing to do when you are angry, and I really tend to think too much, which is not a good thing right now. I’ve got to get away from everybody and everything for a little while. Some type of distraction... Anybody got any good ideas? Any idea has got to better than the ideas that are running around in my head right now.

I want to go right, not left, but I can’t figure out which direction is right.


Coffeypot said...

You should have joined the Marines. That is a good outlet for anger and aggression. Which way is right is so objective…right is different for all of us. I say lean toward that which make you happay or feel good (without a knife or gun in your hand.):)

MsPsycho said...

I thought about joining when I was younger, but I let the drugs do most of my talking back then.

I got on my bike and rode it for 45 minutes in my garage, that is like an oven. Got my sweat on real good. lol. Then I spent the next hour swimming and floating in my little above ground pool. Felt wonderful!

I've already gotten rid of all my guns, now I just need to get rid of the knives. That may take a little longer. At least I didn't pick one of them up.

Thanks coffeypot. Hope you have a wonderful day.

steveroni said...

First time here--I've just been all over your site(s) and should not even be commenting--because everyone keeps telling me, "Steve, you don't know your left from your right".

Also, you must have a really big garage...riding 45 minutes in it.

It's been fun roaming around in here!