Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lifeless Breeze

Today has been dull. I did a little cleaning around the house, then cleaned out the pool, took a long swim, and then laid around doing nothing else.

I keep thinking of a thousand things to say when I’m in the shower, or in the pool cooling off, but then I get on the computer and my mind goes blank. I guess that’s what happens when you quit smoking weed. I stop again, only because I can’t afford any, so I might do a little drinking this weekend.

Thursday around noon, I’m going to Keystone Lake with a few friends and family. I don’t really need to get out in the sun any more, because I got a little sun brunt today, but it should still be fun anyway. Just got to wear some sun screen on my white ass...hehe. Lol.

I’ve been having crazy thoughts running all around in my little circles, trying to find a place called home. Don’t know if those kind of thoughts will ever cease. I went out driving the other night, around and around, until even I got bored. I’ve just got to find a new way to relax my mind.

That tingling on your cheek;
The itch on your scalp;
The goose bumps on your body;
The cold breeze around you;

Feel the tingle;
Scratch the itch;
Touch your skin;
Inhale the fresh air.


Blasé said...

SPF is your Friend (I did an early Blog about it). Today, I'm going to have a skin cancer removed (for the umpteenth time). If I could do it all over again, I would never 'lay out' in the sun. Dark hair, Blue eyes, and fair complexion not a good combination with the Sun.

Great Blog, I'll be keepin' tabs on it.

I trust you will occasionally find something on my Blog that will stimulate you to Think and Laugh...

MsPsycho said...

Hope everythings goes good at the doctor.

I have blonde hair, blue eyes and a fair complexion, plus I had several severe burns to my arms and face when I was a child, so I will probably be dealing with the same thing soon.

Great site, I'll be checking in occasionally. Thanks for stopping by.