Sunday, July 06, 2008

Life is Good

Wow! It’s been a great week. On the 4th the boys and I had a few friends over, and had a huge cookout. We fixed so much food that we are still eating on the leftovers. I think by tomorrow my dogs maybe getting what is left...hehe.

The great time continued near dark when my boys, their friends, and several of the neighbors shot off fireworks this year. Guess we should thank Chief Waller and all those in charge for the privilege...I hope we can do it again next year.

Tomorrow the boys decided we needed to go to the lake since we didn’t make it last week. My older son doesn’t have to work, so I told them I would take them and a couple friends. We haven’t been to Keystone this year, so everyone is really looking forward to spending the most of the day there. Hope I don’t get too burnt...hehe.

We are getting up early, and getting there hopefully on a day when there are very few people. In the past when we went early in the morning and on a weekday, the boys and I mostly had the entire lake to ourselves. I’m going to try and leave by 8 or 9am, then swing through SandSprings and stop off at the Wal-Mart there and pick up some lunches and snacks for everyone. I was going to pick up everything tonight, but the boys want to do the ‘traditional’ I use to do a few years ago. They love and still remember all the days and trips we made to the lake back in 2005. I don’t want to do anything that will take that away from them again.

Well, with my weird sleeping pattern, I probably won’t get any sleep, but it will be worth seeing the smiles on the boys faces, and knowing these memories they will remember forever. I hope this week turns out as good as this past week.

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