Thursday, April 19, 2007



From an early age I have had an unvarnished,

Immoral desire to nourish the obscene flame.

I discreetly burn my anger, fury

Resentments and irritations.

The gravity of the moment was enticing.

It would be perfect, unblemished, flawless perfection.

There was no premeditation as I lit the match.

I stared at its rhythmic dance

Its elegant glare was inviting.

It was such an attractive reflection, captivating.

Don’t you want to feel all that heat?

The smell was aromatic with destruction in mind.

The anticipation of the moment was pure pleasure.

I was unruffled, steady, composed as I watched the flame

Beg for more timber to consume.

I stared with eyes half closed as the smoldering began to flourish.

With one breath, the flames flicker and quickly ignite into

Dazzling, graceful colors of light.

Don’t you want to touch it?

Like a thief in the night I feel repulsive.

I must liberate myself.

I can not take my eyes away.

I watch from a distance as it begins to

Devour, scorch, and obliterate everything it touches.

I felt such gratification, pleasure as the vibrant flames

Danced poetically higher and higher.

The progression was savage, untamed.

Everything in its path is blackened as it spreads out of control.

A million eyes watching

The most sanitary ecosystem.

It contorts, cleanses, annihilates with deliberate devastation.

Things melt, buckle, and dissolve

In an awe-inspiring spectacular, brutal mutilation.

The colors of the flame have their own private messages.

The untamed rage sends out sparks of pulsing chaos.

Don’t you want to reach for it and examine its perfection?

For them it was repulsive, senseless, needless, ghastly deed.

For me it was a bold, delightful, festive, pleasing, and glorious

Display of crimson colored embers.

The twinkles and flashes obscenely

Transformed into pulsating, vibrating disorder.

I feel satisfied, alive as the unrelenting

Radiant flames incinerate the somber night.

Sirens sound intimidating, yet delightful

Causing my adrenaline to spontaneously burst.

The smell was pungent and spicy

Burning my nostrils with rapture.

Its bold, pleasing wrath

Ruins, devastates and withers.

I wanted it to take me and do its will.

As the turbulent flame was extinguished

Things were no longer dirty, grimy, or contaminated.

The land has been purified,

Made hygienic.

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