Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Tayla ties the laces on her running shoes, and then jumps to her feet with a quick bounce. She has been training for months, getting into the best shape of her life, because she knows all eyes will be on her. She stares at her own reflection in the full length mirror and has doubts, but only briefly. Her glaring stare pushes her into side leg stretches, holding each one to the point of feeling pain. She then bounces up and down, stretching her shapely calf muscles as she pushes against the wall. She continues her routine by stretching her arms above her head, and rotating her neck until the bones inside sound off with a low crackle.

Standing in her loose fitting white tee-shirt and sweatpants, in the middle of the room she does several jumping jacks in a row until a bead of sweat forms on her forehead. She doesn’t want to her make-up to sweat off so she chooses not to exert herself any further. The urge to show off evaporates, and Tayla forms a plan in her head.

She looks again into the mirror and daps the sweat away with a white kitchen hand towel. She re-powders her face and applies a new layer of lipstick as she checks her hair. Suddenly, her lavender crisp lips spew out the most vulgar words, “Asshole! Bastard! Cocksucker! Pig! Fuck you! Die you son-of-bitch!”

The more words she shouts out loud, the more pumped up she becomes, until she is shouting so loud her voice begins to crack. She is ready. A long ago forgotten song plays in the background, matching her confident stride as she heads out the front door of her small apartment building.

The sunlight shines brightly in the mid-day afternoon, but a light breeze keeps it from being overly warm. In the background the music grows louder. Tayla’s old warn out green 1990 Bonneville sits near the curb with a parking ticket tucked under the windshield wiper. The playing music comes to a screeching halt.

She grabs the ticket and sits down in the drivers seat. She leans over and opens the glove box to shove the ticket inside with all the others. The music begins playing again with a loud pumping bass. She drives just a few blocks and pulls over in front of several businesses when she spots a tall, thin dark haired police officer filling out a parking ticket for some other helpless victim.

Tayla steps out the old car, shoving the door hard so that it shut correctly, and struts towards the officer.

The tall, dark haired officer slaps the ticket under the strangers windshield, letting it snap loudly back in place. The music fades to a low hum.

With a big smile on her face, Tayla extends her index finger and pokes the officer in the middle of his back, causing him to quickly turn around.

“Fucking bastard!” Tayla shouts looking him squarely in the face.

The officers eyes open wide as he turns to look at the tall blond, blue eyed woman. His eyebrows lower, “What did you say?”

“Cocksucker!” Tayla shouts loudly, and then smacks the officer across his left cheek. She smiles widely and then turns to flee as the officer steps toward her. She quickly picks up her running pace as the dark haired officer follows close behind her talking on his radio.

Just a block away, Tayla running full speed, spots an husky, six foot officer talking to two people who are having a domestic dispute. She increases her speed, taking long steady strides and runs straight for the husky officer. Without losing a step she smacks the officer on the back of his head, and runs off with her middle finger sticking up in the air. Victorious music playfully rings out in the background.

“Shit!” the officer yells as he checks the back of his head.

“Fucking pigs!” Tayla shouts and bolts off in the other direction.

The dark haired officer comes sprinting around the corner past the tall, husky officer. The husky officer then joins the pursuit, and they both break into a fast paced leg race trying to catch the fleeing woman. She turns several corners with the officers just a few seconds behind her.

At the end of the block, Tayla sees the coffee shop that she had visited the day before when she was preparing for her run. Outside on the patio, sits two off-duty officers having donuts and a hot cup of coffee. Tayla sprints towards the officers and swipes one of the officers donuts and takes a bite. As she continues to run, she throws the rest of the donuts over her shoulder towards the officers, making them dunk as it comes flying in their direction.

“Cocksuckers!” she shouts triumphantly through her donut filled mouth.

The two officers swiftly stand, knocking over their chairs as they promptly join in on the pursuit. Fast paced music rings loudly.

With all four officers pursuing her, she runs faster than she ever has in her life. Around one corner and then another. She darts around cars and other buildings, until she runs into a unfamiliar area and instantly realizes she has made a wrong turn from the path she had chosen the day before.

She attempts to backpedal, but it only leads her straight back into the awaiting arms of the law.

They grab her by the hair and throw her to the ground as they shout obscenities at her. Each officers then kicks and stomps at her helpless body laying on the ground. Tayla covers her head as she continues to shout degrading names at each of the officers.

“Ass munchers! Pigs! Bastards! Cock suckers!”

The sound of Tayla’s voice is drown out by approaching sirens. She hears the screeching becoming louder, and then the sound of a vehicle hurriedly coming to a halt. The four officers stop their assault and step aside as a older, higher ranking officer leaps from his patrol car.

He leans downs and sees blood dripping from Tayla’s face and forehead. He radios for an ambulance when she lets out a low moan. The officer leans towards her and touches Tayla in a reassuring manner, “Don’t try to move or talk. Help is on the way. You’ll be okay, I promise.”

Tayla uncovers her face and stares the officer in the eyes. Then she manages to get out the words, “Fuck you pig.”

The high ranking officer appears stunned.

From out of a white van, jumps a young, handsome man with a microphone in his hand. “Ladies and gentlemen, it looks like we have another winner!’ the man bellows.

“Tayla you’ve just won a brand new car and ten thousand dollars cash!”

Music swells in the background as a shiny new car appears along with a woman holding open a briefcase full of cash.

Paramedics arrive and place Tayla onto a stretcher. Bright lights from a camera douses her sweat filled face and torn shirt. She looks toward the camera and gives a thumbs up to the viewers at home, “I’m okay everybody.”

The title of the show flashes across the TV screen: WHAT ARE THEY WILLING TO DO?

The program credits roll as the music plays in the background.

“Tune in next week when Joey White goes for his dream home!” The host flashes a big smile and gives a low laugh, “Hey, America, is there a doctor in the house?”

After 8 hours of watching TV, Sandy picks up the remote and turns the channel.


Well, that's it. Not sure if I like the title, so if you have a better idea, let me know. Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

"Captivating" "I couldn't put it down" "A mystery with a surprise ending" "Well written, not a word wasted" "Thumbs UP" "Worth a second read" "Eagerly awaiting the next one from this author"

Laura said...

Cool story. I really like the unexpected twist.

I'd go for a simple title like "The Game".:)

MsPsycho said...

Glad you guys enjoyed the story.

The Game is what I originally thought, but then changed my mind. I guess women tend to do that...lol.

Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

You write some fucking awesome stories. Would love to see your stuff in print.